Client Testimonials

Here are some of the kind letters that we have received from many of our past clients.  We strive to make sure our clients are thrilled with the projects that we develop and build.

February 5, 2023

To Whom it May Concern,


I am writing to provide my recommendation for Domanus Development Partners and John Domanus.  My wife and I have built six houses with different builders in various parts of the country.  John built our home in Naples, Florida and the experience was outstanding in its own right and in comparison.  John and Domanus Development went to great lengths to be sure all the specifications for every aspect of the house were very detailed and then ensured that the home was built to meet all of the specifications with the craftsmanship and beauty exceeded our expectations.


During the process we developed a close working relationship with John and he was outstanding to work with.  He was very honest and worked closely with both of us to be sure we were happy.  He sets a high standard for himself and his team which made the experience easier on us.  He also committed that he would stand behind his work and make sure anything that came up on our post-closing walkthrough was corrected.  This can be a difficult step with some builders but John was different in his follow through and making sure everything was done right.


I would highly recommend John to anyone that is considering a beautiful custom home.  He is an exceptional builder and we have enjoyed our relationship with him.

Best Regards,

Dewey Martinelli
Naples, FL

February 4, 2023

To Whom it May Concern,


May this letter serve as the highest recommendation for Mr. John Domanus of Domanus Development.  My husband and I have developed a working relationship with Mr. Domanus over the past several years and have seen his incredible craftsmanship on several of his properties throughout Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, IL.  We are so impressed by his attention to detail and construction of timeless homes.  We are very fortunate to have him construct our current residence.


Mr. Domanus not only executes the completion of a home in a timely fashion, but he works tirelessly to ensure that the quality and design of the completed project exceeds your expectations.  Mr. Domanus’ work ethic is unmatched.  He has strong communication skills with not only the client, but also with financial institutions, city officials and all others involved with the project.


Please use this reference of Mr. John Domanus as genuinely the highest level of recommendation.  Mr. Domanus has not only given us the gift of a beautiful home, but also the gift of friendship.


Nyssa Slimack
Lake Forest, IL

February 3, 2023

To Whom it May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with John Domanus as a builder and developer for over 25 years.  John has designed and built homes for several members of our family including myself, my parents, and my uncle.  During this time, I have seen firsthand his dedication to excellence in all aspects of development and construction.  He has an incredible eye for detail, always looking for ways to improve upon whatever project he is working on.  I am confident that John’s commitment to high-quality work and his strong sense of responsibility will make him an asset for whatever construction or development projects he is involved with.


John has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring projects were completed according to spec and on budget.  He often takes initiative by creating creative solutions to any issues that may arise during the development or construction phases.  On top of this, John is a natudal leader who can manage teams while keeping morale high throughout construction effectively.


I would give John my highest recommendation.



Matt Rootberg
Lake Forest, IL